english day

honestly, im not good in english. when im in form 1 until 3, i always speak english with my classmate, but then after im moving to sekolah teknik, there is no non muslim. i dont speak english anymore. make it worse, im not fan in english songs, movies or novels. so here am i, cant speak english well, cant write well.. what a waste kan...

looking at my ongsbelah, he also not good in english. but he willing to learn although his english quite bad. i really love his spirits to improve his english language. he now work with foreigner so he need to speak well.. he always said, "peduli apa, janji depa paham"... yeah, i think i have to start my peduli apa oso so that i can get the courage to speak and write in english.. kan kan.. (support me plis)

from now on, ill write in english sometime.. please correct me if im wrong.. grammar memang tunggang langgang lah ye.. but again "peduli apa kan"

i really admire who can write well in english, speak well.. best jer tgk.. jeles mak tau.. but to start, lemau.. english novels that i bought at BBW pun not read yet.. haiya.. now, i paksa my girls to read english novels. they have to read it alots. i was shocked when i heard how mimi speak in english. they record it, and wow, she speak with slanga wooo... she even memorize some english songs. gud work mimi..

ok because its english entry, so the entry must be short.. kah kah kah... i no gud ha, but i want to improve myself.. no laugh2 la.. slap u die..

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